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Butter Croissant

Honeycomb center, crisp flaky outside, classic

Pain au mocha

Espresso and dark chocolate blended together, creamy decadence

Brie en croûte

Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam Cheese wrapped inside flaky croissant, topped with scallions and Maldon salt 

Strawberry Cream Twist

Sweet organic cream cheese with fresh strawberry compote, poppy seed topping 

Almond-Orange Blossom Croissant

Sweet almond center, a hint of orange blossom 

Maple Bourbon Puff

Journeyman distillery organic bourbon and maple creme filled puff


Cheddar and scallion, flaky, buttery, perfect

Wild Boar Danish

Slices of game meat sausage in a delicate butter pastry

Prosciutto Roll

Savory prosciutto and cheese danish


Organic Levain loaf, baked fresh daily